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Znow desktop decoration Laboratory screenshots
Znow Lab brings snowflakes to screen This is Znow Lab main window.

Here you can setup all Znow Lab options, run and stop Znow Lab.

At top of window program settings are placed.

Visual effects are placed at center.
Examples of Schemas work.
Sweet snow scheme When you choose scheme and press Play button, Znow Lab begin to draw items you chose.
Here you can see some examples. This is Sweet Snow scheme.
Snowflakes fly randomly and fall slowly.
Hallucination scheme Hallucination scheme. It is good way to relax your eyes. Flying smiles moved softly and in different durections, while you see in center of sreen your eyes has been relaxed.
Magic wand scheme Magic wand. This is interesting scheme, which draws sparks after mouse pointer, when you move mouse. Looks like magic spell.
Beer scheme Beer scheme. It is good reminder for beer party tonight. Various yellow bubbles fly to top.
Zleep scheme Zleep scheme is not bad variant for screensaver mode. ZzZzz...
Visual Effects
Znow Lab Visual Effects - it is addition ability to diversify how to draw flying items.
Visual Effects are better for screensaver mode, because they change content of screen.
.Water drops
Water drop
This effect distort screen, like small waterdrops lay on it.

This effect mixes colors of all pixels which are under Item and then, when the Item is away, draw by this color. Look like color spots.

This effect "mixes" some color to place, where the Item was drawn. You can choos color:
So, look, how it will be drawn:

Shift is a shift. It just shift pixel in direction and distance you choose.

And, of course, you can combine all these effects
Look here, there are Pixelate, Darkeninge(orange) and Vertical Shift was combined... Znow Lab in fire!
combined effect
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